The Art of Bye Hopping

The Art of Bye Hopping

Fantasy Football is one of the most enjoyable games to play and can be quite addicting! Judging by the fact that you’re reading this, chances are you agree with me. The game of Fantasy Football has many qualities that make it special. The social aspect is a big one, trash talking with your friends, family and coworkers,  draft parties, bragging rights and fun bets are just a few of the social qualities that come with the game. Fantasy Football has the uncanny ability to build friendships as well, I’ve met some great folks through it and have connected with people that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for having the passion for the game in common. 

One of my favorite qualities of the game is the strategy. There are so many different strategies to implement in Fantasy Football that some are rarely talked about. Everyone talks about draft strategies, lineup setting strategies and sneaky waiver wire tricks, but I want to talk about a lesser known, more far out strategy. It’s called “bye hopping.”

It’s really quite simple. If your player is on his bye week, you trade him for a player who has already had their bye. For example, in a league a couple of years ago I was in playoff contention but it was pretty much a “win out” situation, I had DeAndre Hopkins on the bye and not much on my bench to replace him. My team wasn’t in the position to win without my best player so I traded Hopkins for Davante Adams who already had his bye week. Hopkins was the WR #2 at the time and Adams was #5, my trade partner jumped at the chance to upgrade but was brought back to reality when Hopkins dropped to WR #5 and Adams passed him with a 20+ point outing. Things didn’t end up going my way that season but that was a very successful maneuver. Adams ended up finishing only 3 points behind Hopkins despite missing a game due to injury. My trade partner was just excited to upgrade and get the previous season’s WR #1. You can use greed and excitement to your advantage in those situations. This strategy is risky and should only be used in more desperate situations like I mentioned, although it can definitely give you an advantage if executed correctly.

Another form of “Bye hopping” can be used in normal trades. Most people don’t think ahead when it comes to bye weeks since every player has one but when you’re trading in the middle of the season make sure you look ahead and see if there will be a one game differential due to byes. It’s easy to not care about that but if you knew the incoming player was going to miss one game due to any other reason you’d undoubtedly want that factored into the asking price. I’ve seen oblivious team owners unknowingly get shorted two games by trading for two players with byes that upcoming week immediately handing them a loss. Don’t be that guy. Make sure you take a minute to look at schedules before you trade, especially if you’re in a situation where you can’t afford a loss. 

If you like the trade and you’re missing out on one game it’s really not worth passing up the enticing offer but I recommend being on the lookout for in trade byes. You can lose a game or pick up a free one if you’re paying attention and your opponent isn’t. 

Thanks for reading and as always, stay true. 

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