The Truth About Kirk Cousins

The Truth About Kirk Cousins

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big time Kirk Cousins truther and have been for a long time. He’s criminally underrated and there’s no good reason why. The former Washington Redskin has had elite weapons throughout his career as a Viking and his production has been nothing short of elite as well. 

The former fourth round draft pick has been a QB1 (top 12) in five of the last six seasons and somehow still goes undrafted in the majority of single QB leagues and is a later round pick in Superflex and 2QB leagues. Again, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be drafted higher and be rostered in single QB formats. At the time of this writing he’s only rostered in 32% of ESPN leagues and was added in 8% the previous week (week #2)  so we’re talking around 20% of leagues drafting him which I’m sure was primarily SF and 2QB formats. 

Cousins is once again proving to be a huge steal and I’m wondering when people are going to learn that this guy is for real. He’s averaging just over 24 points a game so far. The only QBs to average over 25 points are Kyler Murray, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. I know it’s early and you can’t read too much into a few games but the guy has been impressive for the past half decade. The 33 year old signal caller has taken things to a whole other level in 2021 though. He’s currently on pace for 5,202 passing yards, 45 passing touchdowns and 0 turnovers. His QBR of 118.3 shows just how flawless he’s been as well as his 74% completion percentage. 

He has a tougher opponent than what he’s been facing lately in the Browns this week but things get juicy the next week against Detroit. I personally think Cousins will be fairly matchup proof this season with how poor the Minnesota defense has been and how talented and explosive this offense is. If Cousins is available in your league you need to scoop him up even if you have a great QB. You could trade your QB1 without a dropoff and strengthen another position. You could trade Cousins once casuals catch up and find out just how good he’s been or if someone needs an upgrade. Fantasy football is exactly like the real thing when it comes to the fact that you can’t have too much talent on your roster. Go scoop up Kirk Cousins and get yourself a QB1 for free. 

Thanks for reading and as always, stay true. 

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