The TSF Round Table

The TSF Round Table

Week 7 of the NFL is upon us and The guys at Truth Serum Football decided to get together and answer some of the burning questions for this week of NFL action. Have a question you want us to answer? Tune into our YouTube Live Start/Sit every Sunday at 9 CST. 

Week #7 questions 

  1. A lot of talk about Antonio Brown coming off of his suspension. Are you grabbing him off the wire?

Joey: I won't be grabbing him from the waivers, because I already own him. We all knew this was a possibility. AB84 may have rightfully earned the nickname Antonio Clown, but he is one of the best WRs to ever play the game and the last time he played, I saw no signs of regression. 

Jordan: He should already be off of your waiver wire. AB may be a head case and only give you a game or two, but you’ll be thankful you had him during those bye weeks. 

Clayton: I ain’t green to this shit give me AB for the rest of the stretch. Potential league winner. 

Zach: For sure. Say whatever you want about the clown but if the guy even has a chance to play, I want him on my roster.

Travis: Yes. Especially now that we have found AB is signing with Tampa Bay. I view him as a middling WR 2-3 at least during the playoff weeks once he gets acclimated to the team.

  1. Who do you have the rest of the way: Tua, Burrow, or Herbert and why? 

Joey: Simple answer if a gun is to my head… It's the Sherbert baby! He looks like the better QB over Burrow (right now) and we haven't seen enough of Tua yet. 

Jordan: Give me Herbert! While the Bolts record is nothing to brag about, Herbert has kept this team in games. His deep ball looks polished and we may be looking at someone special. With that being said I expect all three to have varying levels of success.

Clayton: It’s Herbert based off of play so far, but knock knock mfers here comes Tua! He has a lot of weapons and he can be dangerous.

Zach: They’re all solid options with worlds of upside but I’m a Herbert guy. The kid is a beast and is already proving it at an elite level. He’s averaging 22.58 fantasy PPG which is good for 8th in the league. 

Travis: Tua Tagovailoa. There was a reason the “Tank For Tua” was a thing and also he would have been the number one pick if not for the hip injury. I am a big believer in the talent of Tua. Terrell Owens has ran routes for him during the offseason and has said he is the best quarterback to ever throw him the ball. He can make every throw and has the rushing ability like Kyler Murray. Schedule is also pretty easy down the home stretch. Lock it in Tua is the man. 

  1. What’s your upset of the week?

Joey: The Rams are a 6 point favorite over the Bears, but I see Jared Goff as a matchup QB. He typically struggles against teams with a solid pass rush. The only way I see the Rams winning this game, is on the back of a strong rushing attack and yet another dominant performance by Aaron Donald. At least that's likely to happen. 

Jordan: This is a chalky looking week but give me the Pats rebounding over the thin 49ers. 

Clayton: Texans bout to whoop up on Green Bay! 

Zach: I can see K1 and company handing Seattle their first loss.

Travis: Chicago Bears over the Los Angeles Rams(-6) The Rams are favored in this game with an implied 28.5 points to the Bears 22.5. The Bears are playing among some of the best defense in the NFL, Goff has struggled in the past against the Bears, and I really just do not see the Rams putting up the points implied in this game. Another low scoring game and Chicago finds another close game go their way. Bear Down.

  1. Who will win the NFC East?

Joey: It's not the fucking Cowboys. Right now, records aside, this is my NFC East Power Rankings.

Philadelphia Eagles 

Washington Football Team

New York Giants

Dallas Cowboys 

Dallas and Philly are both decimated by injuries. But the Eagles still show fight. Washington is a QB change away from being a contender. The fact is, none will make it past a Wild Card.

Jordan: It may not have seemed like much, but Carson Wentz’ come from behind win over the NYG on Thursday could be a turning point in the season for this Eagles squad. Look for Wentz to carry this team into the playoffs. 

Clayton: Suck that 🦅 dick, Jordan! Fly eagles Fly!

Zach: I’m sticking with Dallas. I think the Red Rifle will heat up and they’ll win the NFC Least with a record of 7-9.

Travis: The NFC Least will go to Philly. As bad as all the injuries are and given the fact that they will work their way through these injuries. Carson Wentz is hands down the best quarterback in the division and he will carry this team to another division title. My final record prediction of 7-8-1 and Dallas finishes 7-9.

That’s it for this week guys. We will see you Sunday with our Start/Sit. As always, stay true.

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