The TSF Round Table

The TSF Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF round table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Mr. Ryan Massey! Week #9 of the NFL is upon us and we're here to answer some of the burning questions for this week of NFL action. Have a question you want us to answer? Tune into our YouTube Live Start/Sit every Sunday at 9 CST. 

Week #9 questions

  1. If you redrafted today, who are you taking first?

Joey: Dalvin Cook, not close.

Jordan: It’s hard to go against Kamara. I can make the case for Dalvin who has more fantasy points in less games, but Kamara has been as solid as they come and Cook’s numbers are inflated after a huge week last week. 

Clayton: Dalvin Cook is a grown man. 

Zach: It’s close between Kamara and Cook but I’d have to go with AK41. No other back is averaging 28 PPR points per game. Not even Cook after that monster performance. 

Travis: Alvin Kamara. He has been nothing but a surefire stud this year. Number 2 I go Dalvin Cook; followed by DK Metcalf at number 3.

Ryan: Had he not missed games this year, my definitive answer would have been Davante Adams, who’s currently top 7 in receptions and targets. But if I’m redrafting today, I’m making sure Tyler Lockett is my #1 draft choice. He’s only 8 catches behind the receptions leader, but has more than doubled his touchdowns, and hasn’t missed a game all season.

  1. What advice would you give a 3-5 fantasy owner that’s trying to get back in it?

Joey: Just keep playing. You can't bounce back if you don’t try. 

Jordan: Work trades. Be in everyone’s ear. Tell them you just want to be competitive but want to help them get to the ship. Balls to the wall, depth doesn’t matter right now. Go upgrade your roster. 

Clayton: Ignore 2020, fantasy football is fun. 

Zach: Keep grinding. Trade and start bye hopping if possible. It’s all about getting your starting roster as strong as you can for each week. Plan ahead with streaming matchups if you have to. If you have some good bench depth or an injured guy, try to trade them and upgrade a position in your starting lineup. You need to win now so just go for it. 

Travis: Give Up. You drafted like shit and you are paying the price for it. Okay just kidding, but in all seriousness look at your team are you just catching bad breaks? Hey, I have leagues im .500 in, but I also happen to be the highest overall scorer. My process is right. Just keep grinding and see if you cannot throw together a few wins here down the home stretch. I cannot stress this enough: DON’T GIVE UP!

Ryan: DO YOUR RESEARCH! Projections are anything but reliable and basing your starting roster on just that is more than likely the reason you’re 3-5. Read articles, check out multiple websites, check the weather for game time, injuries for the opposing team.

  1. Which team with a losing record is most likely to rebound in the second half and make the playoffs? (NFC East doesn’t count.)

Joey: The only possible is the Denver Broncos. All other teams have earned their losing records.

Jordan: This year more than any I can remember looks to be incredibly top heavy. The Broncos and Pats aren’t quite out of it, but I don’t see either getting it done. I think Atlanta has a shot to finish with a respectable record and just outside of the playoffs. 

Clayton: The Bengals actually look like they are coming together. The Lions are a good coach away from being legit. 

Zach: It’s obviously the Pats for me. They have the greatest coach of all time after all! They’re very banged up but are starting to get healthier. They’ve had a pretty challenging schedule so far but have hung tough for the most part and kept games close, the 0-8 Jets are just what the doctor ordered. 

Travis: Of course, NFC Least does not count. They are like the Mountain West Vs. the SEC. There is only one team I can possibly see making a run with a losing record currently: Minnesota Vikings. It mostly has to do with their schedule over the next few weeks. Lions, Bears, Cowboys, Panthers, Jaguars are all winnable games in which if the Vikings say they go and win all 5 contests they are back to 7-5 and would have the Bears and Lions again towards the end of the season.

Ryan: If any team can bounce back and make the playoffs, I’m putting my money on the Atlanta Falcons. 5 of their 6 losses have been by a touchdown or less. With the insane weapons they have on offense, all it would take is something small to click for the defense, and they could become one of the hottest teams in the NFC.

  1. What is your upset of the week?

Joey: The Falcons favored by 3.5? Shiiiit.

Jordan: Give me the Bills over the Seahawks with Josh Allen finally getting back on track against a very beatable defense. 

Clayton: Cowboys over Steelers... Sike! Dem boys suck donkey dick. I believe the Dolphins may sneak up and spank the Cardinals. Good ol rematch of Kyler and Tua from college playoffs. 

Zach: Give me Chicago over Tennessee. 

Travis: New York Jets over the New England Patriots. NE is only a 7.5-point favorite and I totally expect this one to be close and low scoring. Jets get their first win of the year and Adam Gase gets to coach another week of professional football.

Ryan: The Tua hype in Miami is on fire right now! With the Cardinals at -4.5 and Miami coming off a big win over the rams last week, I’m taking the Dolphins as my upset this week

  1. Brady vs Brees. Who finishes with more career TD passes?

Joey: I'm sick of this question. We all know it will be Brady.

Jordan: When all is said and done Brady will beat Brees in yards and TDs. Don’t kid yourself.

Clayton: It’s Brady. Brees and Sean Peyton need to retire so the saints can actually do something.

Zach: Definitely Brady. He’ll outlast Brees due to his pliability. 

Travis: Brady, but only because he is going to play longer than Brees does.

Ryan: It’s going to come down to who stays in the league longer. Brady is giving up 2 years on Brees, but I see Brady playing longer and ultimately taking the TD record all the way to the bank

That’s it for this week guys. We will see you Sunday with our Start/Sit. As always, stay true.

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