The Victor Vs The Villain

The Victor Vs The Villain


The following content contains Spoilers that may cause mild cases of grandeur. 


The Victor Vs The Villain

By Gino Benatti

Before we continue onto Passage 2 of V.vs.V, let’s revisit the Mission Impossible statement (without the Tom Cruise wind sprints) of our journey: this expose of skewed perspective and gathered statistics to favor such perspective where we will dive deep each passage into two players that we perceive as someone we hate to see against us that week (The Villain) and who on our own team that will carry us to celebrations in the locker room (The Victor). Along the trip we will unpack the third V, VALUE, on how it will take on our mindset into the 2021 Fantasy season. 

On this week’s episode we will dabble with the Wide Receiver position. Now, since the position is deeper than the eyes of a great white shark, we must find an angle that will easily define value. Where does our trek start? Well, in the city that truly defines benevolence and finds a hard time remaining in our news cycle, Washington D.C.  

Terry McLaurin Vs. Deandre Hopkins 


This past year, it’s announced with little fanfare that the newest ride at Cedar Point was the 2020 season of Terry McLaurin. That’s how Mr. McLaurin’s season went. His stats quickly went up and down and fans were waiting for hours on end for brief experiences of joy and fear. Despite the losing record of the playoff WTF W.F.T., McLaurin finished with 134 targets and 87 receptions with a 64% catch rate for just over 1,100 yards.  He managed 4 touchdowns on 13 rz targets and averaged 9 yards per target with a total of 20 deep targets thrown his way. Wow. I feel like Will Hunting solving Prof. Lambeau’s math equation after all that. I might need to down some beers with Chuckie after that. 

Despite those impressive numbers, his production varied from games where he went 10/14 for 118yds to 3/7 for 26yds the next game or games like 7/10 for 125yds and a td to only follow it up with some mild sauce of 4/8 for 83yds hence the roller coaster metaphor mentioned above. He also had only one game with double digit receptions and he had five games of double-digit targets! On draft day, his 6th round ADP was perfect for the type of production you’d want to fill in as a starter where needed. It was just extremely hard to know what you were getting into with him game in game out like a partnership with Calvin on ‘Virgin River’. 

Deandre Hopkins

Now, Nuk personally nurtured my early season success in several leagues. With him finishing with 115 receptions on 160 targets for 1,407 yards on 71% catch rate and 6 touchdowns. That’s production coming from a 2nd round ADP and couldn’t ask for better from the position outside of the frozen tundra. Where we find some negativity out of these numbers is that 67% of his TDs came within his first 10 games and was 75yds or under in 8 games this year with a run from week 9-13 where his yards went as follow: 30/127/51/55/52 with only 1td. That might end a season for managers counting on the Cardinals prized receiver to put up WR#1 numbers week in and week out. We must disclose that his mighty mouse of a QB went from an early MVP candidate to limping to the end more than Calvin from “Virgin River’. 

Speaking of QBs limping this season, here’s a quicker swerve than Barry Allen on the autobahn. It’s reported by Dave Meltzer, that if needed, Dan Orlowsky was dressed in N.W.O black and white in the tunnel and would have been The Football Teams last QB option in their recent playoff loss this past weekend. It sounds outlandish but it would be on par of who they put out there this season. We went from #15th pick in the first round of the 2019 draft to the #1st pick in the first round in 2005. We went from one recovery from almost having one of his legs stripped and amputated to one who was amped putting $1bills in the stockings of stripper’s legs. 

I feel that coughing up the stats of Haskins and Smith is vile to the fabric of society. Just trust me when I say that both are certified Rotten at almost every statistical or efficiency category I could name. Pick one; QB rate, money throws, danger throws, TDs, yards, yards per attempt (they were both at 6yds!!!), accuracy, deep targets, cupid shuffle, Madden ’15, etc. 

Imagine if Nuk had Ned Flanders throwing him the ball all year. What would his numbers look like? I mean, Murray was basically Top 15 in most categories; yards, deep attempts, accuracy, rz targets, tds, etc. If T-Money had this type of quality and consistency under center maybe his game wouldn’t disappear like rogue employees of Calvin in ‘Virgin River. 

So, who is the Villain and Victor in our passage? I would argue that for now, Deandre is the Victor we got but don’t deserve and this is highly probable to have the roles reversed. If Washington looks to add about $14m to their already $40m cap by releasing old man Smith and perhaps going after one of the premium QB’s who are rumored to be on the move (Dak, Watson, Jimmy G, Brissett, a revived Trubisky or a stopgap with Fitzmagic). Time will tell but Value in ADP will rest in the offseason, but we may still see the numbers add up for Terry quicker than ‘Soul’s Terry. My prediction is that he will frankly unbeef it in 2021 at his estimated ADP of 6-7th and will product WR#2 production with a capable passer under center. 


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