Time To Reconcile In St. Louis

Time To Reconcile In St. Louis

Time to Reconcile in St.Louis

    Close your eyes and go back in history with me for a moment. You are sitting in the stands in Jupiter, Florida and the year is 2011. Fans wait patiently for Albert Pujols to emerge from the dugout and take his position at first base. Here he comes and fans quickly arise from their seats to give him the applause he rightfully deserves. Pujols tips his cap and gives the fans a little wave. The staple in the lineup for the past 10 years was in a position to become a free agent following the season. There was no doubt Pujols would be in line to receive an enormous contract. As the season progressed fans began to wonder if management would get this deal done. In the end, St.Louis won a World Series, but Albert Pujols would end up accepting a 10 year contract worth $240 million dollars from the Los Angeles Angels. 

    Okay, I’m sorry to take you back down that emotional rollercoaster, but let’s take a breath and look forward at what sits in front of us in 2021. The Cardinals recently traded outfielder Dexter Fowler to the Angels for a Player to be Named Later. What if that player was, you guessed it, Albert Pujols. The St. Louis Cardinals slugger hasn’t been the same guy since waving goodbye to Busch Stadium. He was able to manage 152 at-bats this past season. Pujols batted .224 with 6 home runs and 25 rbis in another injury plagued year. The former Cardinal did get to come home when the Angels played in St. Louis in 2019, which left him in tears after homering in the final game of the series. Even more interesting Pujols has recently made comments about retiring with long-time friend and St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina. He also spoke with Nolan Arenado about how much he will regret it if he doesn’t wave his no-trade clause to come to St. Louis. The stars could be aligning for a reunion in St. Louis. 

    The future MLB and Cardinals Hall of Famer has belted 662 homeruns in his professional career. This places him sixth on the All- Time Homerun list, 100 behind the current leader in Barry Bonds. Could you imagine if Pujols joined the 700 club in Busch Stadium where he already hammered 445 homeruns. Now it wouldn’t be easy because Pujols wouldn’t have every day at-bats with St. Louis, obviously. The Cardinals have a future Hall of Famer already playing first base in Paul Goldschmidt. If they decide to bring Pujols home this would create flexibility and bring electricity back to the ballpark. Pujols is now the guy giving Goldschmidt a day off, which never happened in 2020.

    I’m going to ask you to close your eyes one more time Cardinal fans. Imagine this! The Cardinals are welcoming division rivals Chicago Cubs to town for a weekend series. Both teams are full-on playoff mode with the calendar turning to September. The game is a close one, back and forth. Fans are starting to realize it is going to come down to the final at-bat. Unfortunately, the Cardinals relinquished the lead in the top of the 9th inning. Fans now are looking to the heavens for help. The Redbirds will manage to load the bases with the pitcher's spot due up to hit. The Cubs have already recorded 2 outs in the inning and are looking to close the door. All of a sudden, a white jersey that reads PUJOLS 5 emerges from the dugout to pinch hit. He steps into the box looking to create a little more history in the rivalry. The first pitch is in the dirt, BALL 1. The pitcher gets the ball back and looks in for the next sign. He delivers a borderline pitch for a strike. Pujols shakes his head in disgust, but is ready for the next one. The pitcher gets his sign, comes set, and delivers the pitch. CRACK! Pujols just deposited the pitch into BIG MAC LAND and the crowd is going crazy.


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