Trouble in Tampa?

Trouble in Tampa?

TB12 has had a very up and down season so far going from an MVP candidate to already throwing more picks than he did last season. The six time Super Bowl champ is on pace to throw 13 interceptions which is a mark he hasn’t hit in over a decade. It could just be due to this Arians’ offense that saw Jameis Winston throw 30 picks in 2019 or could it be something else? Arians is openly giving Brady the blame, something Belichick never did. 

When asked about Brady’s recent struggles, Arians said that Brady might be having trouble reading coverages, which has led to some mental mistakes and wayward passes downfield.

Say what?? 

“Other than the deep ball, I think he’s getting confused a few times with the coverage,” Arians said Tuesday, via the Tampa Bay Times. “That might be the cause for some inaccurate balls, but I don’t see it at all in practice. We’re not missing the deep ball in practice, that’s for sure. It’s just a matter on Sundays hitting them.”

Brady famously said he feels like he has “the answers to the test” after reading defenses for two decades in the NFL, which makes the criticism from Arians a surprise because Brady’s ability to read defenses was always his strong suit with the Pats. Preparedness and recognition were predominantly his most unbeatable qualities for opposing defenses. 

During an appearance on Chris Vasseur’s “Make Defense Great Again” podcast, former Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees explained how Belichick would spend the majority of his time during the week coaching up Brady on what to expect from their opponent’s defense that week. 

“Coach Belichick was a really great defensive coordinator but he spent maybe 45 minutes a week with us on defense … [The rest of the time] he spent with Tom Brady, telling Tom Brady ‘Here’s what those defenses are doing against you,’ which was perfect. He sat in the meeting room with Tom every day in individual meetings and unit meetings. [Belichick] would have team meetings but I’d have unit meetings and he was never in there. …

He did an incredible job of sitting with Tom and we’re playing the Jets or something and he’s telling Tom ‘Here’s what to look for. Here’s what that safety’s showing you. Here’s what the linebacker’s showing you.’ I mean, what a great tool to have a guy like that, with that experience, sitting with your quarterback, teaching him how to read defenses.”

That is quite the advantage that Brady no longer enjoys.

Sure, Brady provided Belichick with many luxuries that the Hoodie is sure to be missing right about now as the undermanned and underwhelming Pats squad are struggling mightily. It’s no argument that Tampa Bay has a much better team on the field than New England does with possibly the most star-studded offense in the history of the NFL but yet they’re one loss away from finding themselves starting December just two games above .500. That’s something Brady is not accustomed to. 

This is by no means meant as derogatory towards the GOAT. As a lifelong Pats fan I will always respect Brady and be thankful for all he did for my team. There has just been so much chatter going around about how much Belichick misses Brady and how he’s nothing without him but in my opinion if Brady were in Newton’s spot but with Arians as his coach they’d be struggling just as much if not more. It’s clear that it goes both ways and they miss each other. In millennial terms, the “ Wolverine crush” meme works both ways here. Turns out it took two GOATs to build the greatest dynasty in NFL history. 

Thanks for reading and as always, stay true. 


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