Truth Behind The AFC Playoff Picture

Truth Behind The AFC Playoff Picture

The first of this two part special is taking a look at the playoff pictures of both the AFC and NFC. We will dive into the AFC first with a lot of shakeup happening, or should be happening, through the 7 seeds. 

Currently, KC is sitting atop the board at the 1 seed and rightfully so. Say what you will about a bad Mahomes game of 3 interceptions, he still threw for 393 yards and a pair of TD’s. The KC offense is still the benchmark in the NFL, and they have won 8 straight games. 

At the 2 seed is where the controversy starts. has the Steelers sitting at 2 with the Bills at 3. Now, I’m not taking anything away from the Steelers. The NFL has essentially ripped their bye week away from them and has rescheduled them so many times due to other teams not being able to keep a lid on their Covid exposure. The Steelers have had it rough, but this is the name of the game and results matter. Pittsburgh has lost 2 straight games, and I’m not even going to make fun of the Washington Football Team loss because that defense has come alive in a big way, and is a dark horse in the NFC East, in my humble opinion. But 2 straight losses and the 2nd team you lost to is the team you are still in front of in the playoff picture? Not even the Power Rankings going into Week 15 agree with that. Most having Buffalo at 2 or 3 while Pittsburgh has fallen to 4-5 depending on the publication. But alas, the playoff picture only takes win/loss into effect when there is not a direct tie in record. Sorry Buffalo fans, Pittsburgh controls your destiny for the 2 seed. 

Moving down the list, we have a 3 way race for the 4 seed between the Titans, Browns and Colts. With no more than a game separating these teams, schedules are going to really come into play here. I think at most, you can only chalk up one more loss to the Titans, that being Green Bay in Lambeau. Really hard to win a game in Green Bay at the end of December. But the Titans surround that Week 16 game with the Lions this week and the Texans to end the season. That, however, may be the loss that hands the 4 seed to the Colts as I can see them winning out. Watch out Pittsburgh, that Colts D is vicious. I see the Browns ending at 11-4, close to jumping up the seeding chart, but just not enough. The final 3 weeks of the season are going to be a dog fight in the AFC so expect a lot of movement on the list moving forward. 

On the bubble we have the Baltimore Ravens, The Las Vegas Raiders, the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos. Sorry Pats fans, after your loss to the Rams, I see you guys on a 3 game skid going into Week 17 against the Jets. 7-9 won’t cut it this year. Broncos may end up losing out, but their only real shot at a win is Week 16 against the division rival Chargers. But even that is a toss up. 5-11 Denver. Nice push there at the mid point, but it just isn’t your time. 

To wrap up Part 1 of the NFL playoff picture is as follows: 

KC will remain the #1 seed and finish 15-1. No one can stop them moving forward except maybe the Saints, but I don’t see the Saints winning that shootout. 

I am saying Buffalo wins out and steals the 2 seed from Pittsburgh and finishes 13-3

Pittsburgh needs to handle business against the Browns, and I believe they do, taking the 3 seed finishing 13-3 also, but the loss to Buffalo bumps them to the 3 seed. 

The Colts wind up in the 4 seed finishing 12-4. 

Browns take the 5 seed and the Titans in the 6th both finishing 11-5, but the Browns win over the Titans earlier in the season breaks the tie. 

And finally, the 7th seed goes to… The Baltimore Ravens sneaking in on a very exhaustive series of tie breakers that went all the way down to strength of victory.. That’s right. Ravens and Dolphins are neck and neck. As there are still 3 weeks left, I couldn’t really calculate strength of victory, so I had to give it to the Ravens on strength of schedule, but c’mon guys, gimme a break! I researched this for hours! 

There is your AFC Playoff predictions. Stay tuned for we will be diving into the NFC and see how many heads we can explode on that side! Stay safe everyone! 


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