Truth Behind The NFC Playoff Picture

Truth Behind The NFC Playoff Picture

Welcome back everyone for Part 2 of the 2020 NFL Playoff picture as we dive into the NFC and boy oh boy, is there some nuance and context needed here! 

In the first seed, we have the Green Bay Packers. Saints hot on their heels at #2 with the same 10-3 record, but the head to head tiebreaker at the time of this writing favors the Packers with their 37-30 win over the Saints in Week 3. It could be a different story if Brees had not been injured a couple weeks ago, but hell hath no fury like an Aaron Rodgers scorned! Could a certain 2020 first round pick from Brian Gutekunst be the catalyst for Rodgers’ 2020 MVP performance? A topic for another article, but I digress. 

The Los Angeles Rams come in at the moment at the 3 seed. That LA defense is legit and I do not see the Rams taking their foot off the gas for the rest of the year. Spoiler alert, Rams win out and beat Seattle in Week 16 holding that 3 seed, potentially stealing the 2 seed from NOLA. Consequently, Week 16 is vital for both the Rams and Seahawks. Washington No Names currently holding the abysmal NFC East lead automatically puts them ahead of the NFC West runner up this year. 

As we segue into the 4 seed and a sub .500 team holding a potential division title and automatic playoff berth, can we take a minute to reflect on just how bad the NFC East actually is? 

...Ok I feel better. Washington has actually come out of nowhere. Alex Smith is the comeback player of the year in my opinion, but is nursing a calf strain this week and is limited this week in practice. If Smith plays, look out Seattle. This is my upset alert for Week 15. I like Washington to win the division and hold that 4 seed. 

Down in the 6 seed, since we already covered the NFC West battle, Bucs will win out playing the Falcons twice and the Lions once. 11-5 but as with Seattle, Tampa Bay being a division runner up will be relegated to one of the wildcard slots. 

Arizona is currently in the 7 seed and I see them finishing 9-7. For sure a disappointing season for the Cards. After acquiring Hopkins, Arizona fans had to have higher expectations than sneaking into the Playoffs through the back door in the expansion slot. But, that’s how this league works. Everyone at this level is the best of the best and sometimes it just doesn’t pan out as it looks on paper.. Trust me on that.. I’m a Jets fan. All we are is on paper.. 

About half of the rest of the NFC is “in the hunt” here, but the Vikings have the only real shot at breaking in and I don’t see it happening as I predict them finishing 8-8. Not much else to say here.

So let’s go top to bottom and predict how this NFC show will shake out. 

Finishing #1 with the bye and home field, we have the Green Bay Packers winning out finishing 13-3 and that Packer front office riding in Aaron Rodgers’ Louis Vuitton backpack despite their immense draft day disrespect to the next NFL MVP. 

Saints come in at the 2 seed finishing 12-4. Close NOLA, but no cigar. 

Rams also finish 12-4, but the first tie breaker goes to the Saints who will have 6 division wins compared to the Rams 4. Rams in the 3 seed. 

Washington trips and stumbles their way into the 4 seed winning the NFC East finishing 8-8. 

Tampa Bay wins out finishing 11-5 sweeping into that 5 seed to the dismay of the 12th man in Seattle. 

Seattle stumbles late losing 2 of 3 finishing 10-6 falling to the 6 seed. That defense is just going to be a huge liability in these put up or shut up weeks closing out the season. 

Arizona rounds out the NFC playoff picture at the 7 seed. Not where the Cardinal faithful wanted to be, but hey, you’re here folks. Appreciate that fact. 

There you have it TSF fans! Wild and crazy shenanigans all over the league making this actually one of the weirdest and most interesting years in recent memory. Hope you all enjoy the ride! 


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