TSF Round Table

TSF Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guests Kirk Davenport and Seth Frecks! Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. Who ya got winning Super Bowl 55 and who will be the MVP? 

Jordan: Bucs on the back of that defensive line. KC’s Olinebis banged up and Brady’s boys are ready to feast. Brady wins MVP to further cement his legacy. 

Travis: Tampa Bay in a stunner. My score prediction is 28-26. Give me Rob Gronkowski for the Super Bowl MVP after he catches two Touchdowns for a buck fifty. This will definitely put Gronk in the conversation for greatest Tight End of All Time.

Pynakker: Tampa wins the SuperBowl, done deal, even Chiefs players are getting covid now to not have to play against Brady lol

Palucci: Chiefs win by 10

Kirk: The best receiving corps vs. the best offense. Mahomes vs. Brady. I think the Chiefs have too many weapons in every direction for the Bucs to keep up. Even with a hobbled O-Line, Mahomes is just better under pressure. Brady will keep it close, but I’ve got the Chiefs edging the Bucs 33 to 24. Mahomes will take home the MVP and solidify why he’s worth $500 Million.

Seth: I got the chiefs winning the Super Bowl in what is gonna be a nail bitter until the fourth quarter. Where I have the MVP Travis Kelce  having a monster quarter and pulling away with it.

  1. What are your thoughts on that blockbuster Rams & Lions trade? 

Jordan: My thoughts are the Rams win the deal. I get that it’s a lot of draft capital but they were a QB away from being a contender. I’ve always thought the best strategy is to do what nobody else is doing and that’s exactly what the Rams are doing. 

Also keep in mind Johnnie Morton, Luther Elliss, Reggie Brown, Jeff Hartings, Bryant Westbrook, Terry Fair, Chris Claiborne, Aaron Gibson, Stockar McDougall, Jeff Backus, Joey Harrington, Charles Rodgers, Roy Williams, Kevin Jones, Mike Williams, Ernie Sims, Gosder Cherilus, Brandon Pettigrew, Jahvid Best, Nick Fairley, Riley Reiff, Ziggy Ansah, Eric Ebron, Laken Tomlinson, Taylor Decker, Jarred Davis, and Frank Ragnow make up 27 of their 30 1st round picks from 1994 - 2019. I don’t want to group Hock or Okudah there yet as they haven’t had enough time, but that isn’t exactly the best track record.  

Travis: In the short term the Rams won this trade in a landslide. Stafford does have quite a bit of injury history which scares the shot out of me if I’m a Rams fan, but I think Sean McVay will find ways to keep home up right. This is the best cast of players Stafford has ever had at his disposal and if Cam Akers can take a step forward these Rams are instant Super Bowl contenders in the stacked NFC. The lions did the right thing here and are building for the future. The game is changing and the way that contracts are being dealt and traded is starting to feel a lot more like the NBA. 

Pynakker: Lions win, Stafford is good don’t get me wrong but Goff is good enough to fill in while they get their new QB ready after the draft, plus 2 1sts and a 3rd. Yeah they win the trade by a good amount I think.

Palucci: Lions won that trade. The draft picks alone will be a huge help. Plus they got a younger QB. I'm not saying Goff is the answer, but it helps. 

Kirk: Depends on what the Lions do with the draft picks - the 2020 season proved if anything, that rookies can compete. The Rams went all in with Stafford; a true leader this offense needs, so it’s WIN OR BUST. True winner of the trade is Stafford - the Lions and Rams are to be determined.

Seth: I like it for both teams. 

Rams: Got a promising QB that is in my beliefs very underrated.

Lions: Got a QB that I believe can still be a starter and this may be just what he needed, a new start. Goff is still a little raw and needs to clean up a bit to become a franchise man though and if in the case he doesn’t, they have two first rounders in the next two years to find their man.

  1. After last week’s bullseye from Jason Parker nailing where Stafford will be playing this year, let’s go again. Where will Deshaun Watson be playing in 2021?

Jordan: Las Vegas. Time is slipping away for Gruden and I feel he will be forced to make a move. A similar deal to the Rams/Lions with multiple picks and Derek Carr could get it done and keep them relevant in a division that already features two of the highest upside studs in the game. 

Travis: Chicago Bears is my wishful thinking and I really hope it can come true. My prediction: Houston trades Deshaun Watson, JJ Watt for Foles, Khalil Mack and 3 firsts. We cut Aiken Hicks(cap savings of 10 million dollars) and resign Allen Robinson. 

Pynakker: Honestly I think (and hope) he goes to the raiders, Gruden has shown he’s willing to give up value to get something he wants and he likes Watson's abilities as QB. Plus Mayock knows how to negotiate some trades for people not happy with their old teams. But Gruden seems to every year be rumored to wanting a new QB and Carr keeps getting better and should be looking at a raise soon, so I’m thinking Gruden either trades Carr and some picks for Watson or trades Carr to a different team for some picks and then trades Mariota and more picks so he can keep a few draft picks, or maybe he just tells Nick Caserio to come to Vegas and he gets him some drinks and makes him bet his QB on a game of cards, THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS! I think one way or the other Gruden tries to take Watson out of the Jets’ reach.

Palucci: Watson will be playing for the Jets.

(I really hope)

Kirk: My long shot bet, in what I think is going to be a WILD off-season in regard to trades, Panthers trade CMC and Teddy B for Watson and some draft picks. In reality, everything in Houston seems to be TOXIC and they do not even care to hear offers - Watson stays in Houston, eats salary and sits until the “Over The Cap” Texans have no other choice but to trade him. And to be honest, after all the rumors - at this point I’d rather play for the Jets than the Texans.

Seth: I’m gonna say the Panthers would be a terrific landing spot for Deshaun. A young up and coming coach and the Miraculous Move Christian McCaffrey. 

  1. Tony Romo went on record to say if Mahomes loses to Brady in the SB he will never surpass him as GoaT. Is this true?

Jordan: Absolutely not. Mahomes has a long way to go, but if anyone can do it, it’s him. Win or lose I still think he will be the heavy favorite for the foreseeable future. 

Travis: Tony Romo speaks the TRUTH! I’m not for sure that anyone ever gets close to Tom Brady. Mark my words and I don’t know who needs to hear this but Brady is the GOAT. PATRICK MAHOMES WILL NEVER SURPASS TOM BRADY. Maybe in MVPs and other accolades and records, but in no way does he surpass the amount of Super Bowls.

Pynakker: Yes, personally, I like Mahomes, but I don’t think he can keep up what he’s been doing long term unlike Brady who’s been elite for many years because Belichick has taught him many things! 😘

Palucci: Not true. Mahomes is still young and the rate he's going, he'll be back in more Super Bowls. If he does lose here, it won't make a difference. 

Kirk: Fake News. This is the same as any goat argument in any sport, it always comes down to the era. Respectively, Brady is the goat; win or lose Sunday, Mahomes is coming for the title.

Seth: That is absolutely absurd to me. Patrick has a long career ahead of him and has been to three consecutive AFC championships games. One in which he would have won against them Pats had Dee Ford not lined up offsides putting him in 3 consecutive Super Bowls.

  1. The New England Patriots will obviously be in the hunt for a QB this off-season. Who do you believe is their week one starter?

Jordan: BB’s boy Jimmy G. He’ll come home and prove Robert Kraft right that he was never the answer. A 6-10 season will put BB firmly on the hot seat.

Travis: Could we see Jimmy G back in a Patriots Uniform? I say no. Could we see Cam? I say no. In my heart I truly believe we could see the Patriots go out and get one of two quarterbacks. Mitchell Trubisky is my first choice if my previous prediction comes true. I’m going to go out on a limb and say The Patriots trade Stephon Gilmore and a 3rd round pick for Derek Carr. The Raiders roll with Marcus Mariota as their starting quarterback in 2021 and also draft another in the later rounds.

Pynakker: Shit maybe Carr or Mariota if Gruden can get Watson. Honestly I think Belichick might make a run to take Jimmy G back, Jimmy hasn’t done much on the 9ers but Belichick loved his boy Jimmy!

Palucci: Patriots will get Jimmy G back. 49ers will be in rebuild mode and have already been shopping him.

Kirk: Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to button up the Hawaiian shirt under his jersey and play in the snow. Pats are going to find another 199 and build.

Seth: I believe they make a push to snag Carson Wentz. If for some reason that trade falls through they will snag Mac Jones in the first round to be their guy.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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