TSF Round Table

TSF Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Mr. David Dzienis! The offseason is here but as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. The 2020 season is officially over. What teams will be the biggest risers and fallers in 2021? 

Zach: Biggest risers for me are my Pats, the Jets and the Cowboys. The Cowboys should be right back in the thick of things with Dak back and the Pats and Jets have loads of cap space to work out the kinks and I think their coaching staffs are up to the task. 

Biggest faller has to be the Saints. Sorry Pompa. Losing a HOF QB is never easy. Believe me, I know. They’re way over the cap and will have to cut and trade several stars and won’t be able to participate in free agency. 

Jason: I think the biggest riser will be Miami. They just barely missed the playoffs and look to build on some young talent. Biggest faller will be Tampa Bay. With so many guys up for free agency, it will be hard for them to keep their core together that brought them a championship. 

Jeremiah: The Saints will fall if Brees retires, teams know how to defend Taysom Hill now. The Patriots and Raiders should be on the rise!

Jardine: I think the biggest riser is going to be the New York Jets. New coaching staff, plenty of draft capital, plenty of cap space going into a year where very few teams can make substantial free agency moves. Look for the Jets to be playoff bound in 2021.

The Saints are at the other end of that spectrum. Being negative $100M in cap space is going to end up gutting that roster just to be able to pay their draft picks, forget about free agency. Saints will struggle in 2021.

David: My favorite risers would have to be the Jets, cause they can't fall much farther and have lots of resources. The 49ers being healthy, Dallas getting Dak, and Bengals protecting Burrow are also in the running.

For fallers I like the Patriots to plummet cause Zach Kurtz is a fan. I also think the Dolphins and Browns come back down to Earth.

  1. We know the GOAT is coming back to defend his 7th title but how many more seasons do you think Brady has left in him? 

Zach: I think he’ll play for two or three more years. That pliability is really something! 

Jason: I think Brady only has 1 more season left in him. I mean how much longer can we expect him to keep playing at a high level? As I mentioned above, Tampa Bay is looking at losing some key contributors on both sides of the ball to free agency and I believe this will reflect in Brady's performance next year ultimately ending his amazing career.

Jeremiah: He could play at this level for probably 5 more seasons but I think he’ll play 3 more.

Jardine: You would ask a Jets fan this question.. Lol I refuse to comment on the GOAT status, but to answer the base question, Brady stays healthy, stays in shape and keeps a solid O line in front of him. I could see him getting 4 or 5 more years.

David: Brady will retire in 2 years. The Bucs will miss the playoffs this year and Brady will make a redemption tour that falls short in 2022.

  1. There’s a large camp of people that think Pittsburgh’s T.J. Watt was snubbed for DPOY, do you think he deserved it more than Donald? 

Zach: If you’re going by numbers (which they usually do) then yes. Watt was more deserving. He had better numbers in almost every category but in my opinion, Donald is much more of a game changer. Teams have to game plan for him and use like half of their O-Lineman on him and he still puts up monster numbers. 

Jason: I don't and here's why: Yes, TJ Watt had better numbers across the board; however, Aaron Donald was consistently double and triple teamed on many snaps. He is an absolute force on the D end and teams have no choice but to double and triple team him. TJ had a great season and looks like he will be in the running for DPOY year in and year out. His time will come.

Jeremiah: Watt is a playmaker, Donald is a game changer! Donald impacts every play not just the ones that he gets a big play on, he definitely deserved the award!

Jardine: Unlike the MVP Award, Defensive Player of the Year is purely numbers driven. TJ Watt led the NFL in nearly every major defensive category. Aaron Donald only edged out Watt in forced fumbles, 4 to Watt's 2. TJ Watt was most definitely robbed of DPOTY.

David: As a Steelers fan I'm deeply offended. However, the differences between an edge rusher and an interior lineman makes the statistical differences null and void. Aaron Donald is a beast and will be in the Hall of Fame. TJ Watt was still the better player this year.

  1. With trade rumors swirling, how much do you think Wentz is worth? Please try to be serious. 

Zach: In this market he has to be worth at least a 1st rounder and another pick depending on how low the 1st is. There, I was serious and didn’t say a half empty bottle of shampoo and a Dunkin Donuts gift card with $4 left on it. 

Jason: I think he is worth a first round pick. Look, his time with the Eagles has been tumultuous at best, but with a change of scenery and a new coaching staff around him, I believe he can return to his MVP form, if he can stay healthy. I think Indy would be a perfect fit for him and would reunite him with Frank Reich, making Indy a force in the AFC.

Jeremiah: I think he’s worth a late first but he’ll probably go for way more!

Jardine: Wentz has struggled of late but this question of value really depends on the QB needs of another team as well as the QB availability around the league. It also depends on where the draft capital lands, for example a #1 from Pittsburgh is going to be less valuable than a #1 from Atlanta. I think Wentz is worth a mid first round draft pick and a second round pick. His injuries and struggles aren't helping his case, but there are several teams who won't be able to get a franchise QB in this draft so that benefits Wentz.

David: Considering Stafford just got 2 first rounders despite being several years older, Wentz should get at least a first rounder based on his previous MVP like play.

  1. With the salary cap coming down in 2021 by almost $20 million, which big name veterans do you believe will be cut to make more cap room for some teams this offseason?

Zach: With the cap going down there could be quite a few. Michael Thomas, is the top on my list. 

Jason: I think Preston Smith has played his final snap in Green Bay. With the salary cap forcing teams to make tough roster moves, Smith will ultimately be cut, saving the Packers some much needed cap space. He virtually disappeared from the defense this past year and his effort on the field was constantly in question.

Jeremiah: Jimmy Garoppolo and OBJ to name a few.

Jardine: Julio Jones in Atlanta and Michael Thomas are a couple of my cut predictions for those teams to open up some space. I think the trenches are going to be the last positions to be considered for cuts. Teams in trouble will be more willing to let go of weapons and keep their core intact. Atlanta, for example, could trade Julio and draft Ja'Marr Chase or Devonta Smith to compensate for the loss of Jones.

David: Von Miller is my top choice right now.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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