TSF Round Table

TSF Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF round table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Big Pompa Pump! Week #12 of the NFL is upon us and we're here to answer some of the burning questions for this week of NFL action. Have a question you want us to answer? Tune into our YouTube for our Live Start/Sit every Sunday at 9am CST. 

Week #12 questions

  1. Since they have removed Taysom Hill from the TE/Flex consideration(on ESPN). Are you Buying or Selling him moving forward as a reliable QB option on your squad?

Joey: Neither, but I will be holding him if I have him. He will continue to prove valuable using his legs. Even at QB 

Jordan: I think he’ll be a fine starter but if u can flip him for a piece I wouldn’t hesitate. 

Clayton: If you ever had him on your squad you’re probably a homosexual. 

Zach: I’d hold. He’s too dynamic of a player to not be a solid fantasy performer on this offense. 

Travis: I will be starting him as a low end QB1 moving forward. He gives a great rushing floor and is always a threat to score with his legs. 

Pompa: As far as Hill goes, I am a saints fan andI love Hill, but as far as buying or selling? I would pick him up if I could and use him in a superflex or 2 QB league. I wouldn't use him as a QB1. Even if I had 2 better QBs, I would start someone else as a superflex. But if I only had Hill? I would use him there.

  1. Diggs, Metcalf amd Hopkins are within just two PPR points of each other. How would you rank the three of them for ROS? 

Joey: Hopkins, Diggs, Metcalf. This is not me hating on DK. He's a fucking monster. 

Jordan: Hopkins, Metcalf, Diggs. 

Clayton: It’s Diggs, Hopkins, Metcalf for me but not for any real reason except for consistent volume and the competition from teammates, but it’s all super close.

Zach: Hopkins, Metcalf, Diggs but I think it will remain extremely close. 

Travis: Well, I have said DK will finish ahead of Hopkins since like week 3. DK, Hopkins, and Diggs in that order. 

Pompa: 1. Metcalf 2. Diggs 3. Hopkins

  1. What is your upset of the week?

Joey: I can see the Chargers steam rolling the Bills.

Jordan: Being a Dallas fan. 

Clayton: Falcons slap their dongs on the Raiders and the Eagles 🦅 somehow pull it off miraculously and still manage to lose the East because Wentz has been playing like hot garbage all year except this week. 

Zach: This is a tough week for upsets. Give me my Pats over the Cardinals. 

Travis: Eagles over the Seahawks. I think we see a lot and I mean a lot of Miles Sanders in this game. They will use this to keep Wilson off the field and score an upset victory. 20-17 Eagles over the Hawks. 

Pompa: Bucs beat Chiefs in my upset. Brady needs a reckoning!

  1. What happens first? NYJ win or Pitt loses

Joey: Jets aren't winning a game this year.

Jordan: Pitt losing. May not be until the playoffs though. 

Clayton: NYJ win. I’m hoping the Steelers pull it off. 

Zach: Pittsburgh loses. Back on the week #8 edition I predicted they’d lose to the Bills in week #14. The Jets aren’t winning anytime soon. 

Travis: Steelers loss. I have zero faith that the New York Jets even win a game this year. Their best chance was two weeks ago against the Patriots in which they will see again in the season finale. I have all the faith in the world that we might not see the Steelers lose a game, but I think we could see Tomlin rest his players in week 17 against the Browns and end the season 15-1.

Pompa: Pitt loses. 

  1. Who will be this year's Kenyan Drake? (A guy coming out of nowhere to win fantasy championships

Joey: I can see any of the slow starting rookies doing it. Swift, Taylor, and Dobbins.

Jordan: D’Andre Swift if he counts. I’ve been in love with him for weeks. If not then Zach Moss. He’s slowly taking over that backfield 

Clayton: Damien Harris is really good.

Zach: Michael Pittman Jr. The kid is a beast and is just starting to show it. 

Travis: If it's not already obvious we saw it on Thursday and his name is Antonio Gibson. He has quietly been a stud this season and he has two very good match-ups in weeks 15 and 16( Seattle and Carolina). On top of all that my preseason pick to win this crappy division was the Washington Football Team.

Pompa: Justin Herbert IMO

That’s it for this week guys. We will see you Sunday with our Start/Sit. As always, stay true.

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