TSF Round Table

TSF Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF round table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by Mr. Tyler Tompkins! Week #14 of the NFL is upon us and we're here to answer some of the burning questions for this week of NFL action. Have a question you want us to answer? Tune into our YouTube for our Live Start/Sit every Sunday at 9am CST. 

Week #14 questions

  1. The fantasy playoffs are upon us. What advice would you give to first time players who missed the mark in their rookie season? 

Jordan: It happens. Especially this year. Chances are you played pretty conservatively and it cost you. Go into next year guns a blazing. Also. Don’t draft Lamar Jackson before the 10th round again. 

Clayton: 2020 is cheeks bro. Don’t give up.

Zach: It happens to the best of us. Adjust, learn from your mistakes and make sure you listen to and read everything from TSF. If that doesn’t help, I don’t know what will! 

Travis: Don’t do anything too crazy and don’t reach for all upside. Stay with what has gotten you this far and pray for the best. Fantasy is a “Fickle” beast. Only one thing I would suggest is to get your backup RBs if still available at this point just in case your top back goes down. Hell  pick up others as well. At this point you don’t need speculation stashes. You need insurance. 

Jason: Find a new hobby haha. In all seriousness, I recommend doing some research on different draft strategies. There is definitely more than one way to change up your draft strategy to create a winning lineup. My personal advice would be to draft RBs early and often so you have plenty of depth at that specific position group. This year was especially detrimental to top RBs going down with injuries.

Tyler: For years to come, I would say keep on that waiver wire. You can get good guys off of there. Chase Claypool, Travis Fulgham, Kalen Ballage, and Robert Tonyan were all most likely to be picked up off waivers in most leagues this year.

2: Who is your fantasy playoff MVP?

Jordan: It was Antonio Gibson but now I’m concerned. Give me a shot at another rookie RB Cam Akers. 

Clayton: Cam Akers will show up strong to end the year, but is there anybody better than Travis Kelce week in and week out? 

Zach: David Montgomery is coming off of back-to-back 25+ point performances and has a cakewalk of a schedule from here on out. 

Travis: Shit. Wow. Cam Akers finally blew up, but no I’m going with a quarterback and it will be Aaron Rodgers the rest of the way. Especially in 6 point per touchdown league’s. He has been on absolute fire and is a top 2 MVP candidate. I think he closes that gap over the last few weeks here and delivers people fantasy gold. Aaron Rodgers MVP 2020.

Jason: My fantasy playoff MVP is Dalvin Cook. This man has been a beast all year and that continues into the fantasy playoffs.

Tyler: This one is kind of hard for me. I want to say Kyler Murray, however, that is too easy. I’m going to go with someone that was a sleeper.  This guy likely put you in good situations. Robby Anderson. I would say he was a late round flyer pick and he paid dividends and helped fill in for your injured running back and with Moore likely out, Anderson could continue to produce when it matters most. 

  1. What is your upset of the week?

Jordan: The Steelers shocked the world last week by losing to the WFT. It won’t be as shocking when it happens for the second straight week. Statement game for Buffalo and Josh Allen. 

Clayton: Eagles>saints. Vikings>bucs. Dolphins>chiefs. Mahomes bout to get rattled and the world fixing to find out tua bout that life.  

Zach: Give me Buffalo over Pittsburgh. Buffalo was originally my pick on here to end Pittsburgh’s run but then I geniusly realized it would be WFT. So yeah, give me Buffalo. 

Travis: New York Giants over the Arizona Cardinals. The NFC East has for the most part narrowed down to Giants and the Football Team. I’m still onto my belief that Washington ends up winning this division, but I could definitely see the Giants upsetting the Cardinals this week.

Jason: My upset of the week is the Vikings over the Bucs. The Bucs are 6.5 point favorites, but I believe the Vikings will bring plenty of offense and hopefully that defense can hold their own against TB12. YOU LIKE THAT!?

Tyler: Give me the Eagles over the Saints.

  1. Will CMC be a factor for the fantasy playoffs moving forward?

Jordan: I don’t believe so. He has dealt with ankle, shoulder, and now thigh problems this season. There is no reason to risk further injury. He should, and will, sit. 

Clayton: Yes, white boy absolutely will, starting next week. 

Zach: I don’t think so. With no real shot at making the playoffs, Carolina should shut CMC down for the year but if he ends up playing you can’t leave him on your bench. 

Travis: Not in Week 14. He’s doubtful and the matchup you really want him for is against Green Bay in Week 15. I think ultimately they play the side of caution and shut him down for the season. There is absolutely no reason to trout him out there at this point. Unless you traded for him you most likely didn’t make it to the dance anyway. 

Jason: I do not believe CMC will be a factor in this year's fantasy playoffs. He has been banged up all year and I think it's best you leave him on your bench, unless you have no other options at the RB position. 

Tyler: IF he is on the field, he is a factor. If he can make it on the field in week 15, I will be happy.

  1. The Cleveland Browns look to be playoff bound for the first time in forever, do you see them making some noise in the postseason? 

Jordan: Noise? Maybe, maybe not. This week will show us who the Browns really are. This is a playoff type game with a chance for the Browns to strike a critical blow to the Ravens playoff hopes. 

Clayton: Yes I do if they keep feeding Chubb and Hunt and play action.  

Zach: One and done, son. 

Travis: Hmm. Yes. Definitely. I do believe their run game and defense could carry them so far, but they would be exposed against a team like the Chiefs, Steelers, or Colts. As it currently stands the divisional round is their ceiling imo. 

Jason: I do not. The Brownies have had a decent year, but I have no faith that Baker can lead that team to any sort of postseason success. Look for a first round trouncing from whoever their opponent ends up being.

Tyler: If the Browns make the playoffs, I’m not sure they will make it far. The QB play is too hit or miss. For them to win a game or two Mayfield needs to be at the top of his game.

  1. Who wins the AFC South?

Jordan: I want it to be Indy but Tennessee has a very soft schedule down the stretch. Outside of the matchup with Green Bay they should be favored the rest of the way.

Clayton: Titans somehow or another. #titanup

Zach: Tennessee for the first time since 2008. 

Travis: My preseason Super Bowl pick. The Indianapolis Colts. The Colts check all the boxes that are needed to reach the top of the mountain. They have a quarterback, good running game, and a top end defense. Don’t sleep on this Colts team. Phillip Rivers might get a lot of heat as a fantasy quarterback, but in real life he is and has been a really good quarterback.

Jason: I think Indy will win the AFC South. Phillip Rivers and company will take care of business and lock that division up.

Tyler: I will say the Titans win the AFC South.  Colts have a tougher road. They have the Steelers to play yet. The Titans best opponent left is Green Bay, they could lose that game however they likely have a better game against Green Bay than the Colts do vs Steelers.

That’s it for this week guys. We will see you Sunday with our Start/Sit. As always, stay true.

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