TSF Round Table

TSF Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF round table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by Mr. Geoff Beavers! Week #15 of the NFL is upon us and we're here to answer some of the burning questions for this week of NFL action. Have a question you want us to answer? Tune into our YouTube for our Live Start/Sit every Sunday at 9am CST. 

Week #15 questions

  1. Call it, what stud is gonna bust for fantasy owners in week #15? 

Joey: I wouldn't call him a stud, but Ronald Jones is currently the RB13 in PPR formats. He takes on the stingy Falcons Defense. Yeah, you heard that right. Falcons have given up the 5th fewest points to RBs this season. I dont have a lot of confidence starting him in a must win scenario. 

Clayton: Dk and Wilson. Them football team boys go hard.

Zach: I think Russell Wilson is going to have a down game against that Football Team defense. I don’t think it’ll be a complete bust but it’ll be well below his projection. 

Pynakker: Hate me all you want but since everyone thinks McLaurin is a stud I’m using him as my bust cause he’s going to fail again. I just don’t think he’s got that skill and doesn’t help if Smith is out again. 

Tyler: Deshawn Watson would normally get you a large amount of points, however against this run stop defense that the Colts have will keep him contained. 

Geoff: Going out on a limb and say Kyler Murray. I believe the Eagles have a second wind with Hurts under center and the defense played well last week against Taysom Hill. 

  1. Who is an underdog to make the playoffs that you think takes it upon themselves to sneak back into the postseason? 

Joey: Look at the current playoff picture. It won't change.

Clayton: Vikings or Eagles. 

Zach: I can see Minnesota sneaking as the 7th seed. Sorry hypothetical Arizona fans! 

Tyler: I think that the Vikings have a decent shot at making the playoffs. They get past the Bears this week to keep it alive. I said it. 

Pynakker: I know I’m probably just praying but I’m saying my Raiders, even if it wouldn’t surprise me if they do that same raiders thing they do and bringing hopes up to shoot them back down! But they do have and easier schedule with chargers, dolphins, and Broncos.

Geoff: I'm going to stay the course and say the Eagles. WFT without Alex Smith will struggle and Jalen Hurts has given Eagles fans a reason to tune into their games now. 

  1. What is your upset of the week?

Joey: All I know is, the Rams are about to beat the dog shit out of the Jets. 

Clayton: Eagles over Cardinals! the Cowboys suck wiener and I hate them but give me them over that crap squad of the Niners. 

Zach: Give me my Pats over the Dollphins. 

Tyler: Tom Brady and the Buccaneers offense have been lackluster down the stretch. I think the Falcons out offense them. 

Pynakker: I’m calling it, the Lions take down the Titans! Yeah I said it!

Geoff: Falcons over Buccaneers. The Falcons tend to play better when there is nothing to play for, go figure. 

  1. You’re on the clock. Who is your top fantasy player going into the 2021 season?

Joey: We don't read each other's answers before submitting.... But I'd bet a hat on everyone's answer being Dalvin Cook. 

Clayton: No idea. Honestly I think it’s Cook or CMC but I’m honestly wondering if picking Chubb or Henry would really be a bad idea at this point lol I also would consider mahomes, DK, Davante Adams, and Hopkins 

Zach: If Cook finishes the season strong, it will be hard not to take him at 1.01 but I gotta go with CMC. 

Tyler: King Henry, as much as I don't want to draft him. 

Pynakker: It’s DK Metcalf for me! That dudes a fucking stud and Lockett is overrated so DKM is only gonna do better each year! 🤷‍♂️

Geoff: Henry for the threepeat?? Would be between Henry and Kamara for me. Cooks is too fragile for my liking. 

  1. Now that the playoff picture is starting to shape up, what team was the most disappointing in 2020?

Joey: Whether it's by win or loss, there's always a Super Bowl team with one of those hangovers. The Niners injury report pretty much sums up 2020 for mankind.

Clayton: Eagles just all around disappointment for me as a fan. Wentz was awful, the Oline awful, Sanders awful, Reagor didn’t get used properly, rest of the WR was hobos from under a bridge, It was just a complete shat show!

Zach: The Patriots. I know most people expected them to flounder but they’ve really squandered their season away. They are a few plays away from having three or four more wins and being in prime position for a playoff spot and possibly the division. They play great against good teams and then struggle against bottom feeders. They also occasionally fail to show up at all! I know they’ve had many unfortunate circumstances this season including way too many opt-outs but there’s no room for excuses. 

Tyler: Lions as always.

Pynakker: Jacksonville. I thought the Minshew Mania was going to be very promising but at this point I’m starting to think it was a fluke last season 😔 but we never know if this year was the fluke, next year will be the tiebreaker and we shall see but either way at 1-12 it can’t be all Minshew’s fault.

Geoff: I want to say the Falcons, but I believe Dallas was a bigger disappointment. Losing Dak showed the caliber of QB that he is. There is nothing sexy about Dallas without Dak.

That’s it for this week guys. We will see you Sunday with our Start/Sit. As always, stay true.

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