TSF Round Table

TSF Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF round table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by Mr. Richard Mikhaylov!! Week #17 of the NFL is upon us and we're here to answer some of the burning questions for this week of NFL action. Have a question you want us to answer? Tune into our YouTube for our Live Start/Sit every Sunday at 9am CST. 

Week #17 questions

Yeah yeah, we know Fitz is on the COVID list but most of this is done early in the week. Take it as a hypothetical question. 

  1. Let’s play Armchair HC! in a “win you get in” game for the Dolphins, if you were Brian Flores who would you start at QB? 

Joey: Probably an unpopular opinion here. Tua gives them the best chance to win. Although its not as exciting, Tua is smarter with the ball. Just manage the game and don't turn it over. The defense is a legitimate defense. 

Jordan: Tua. This shouldn’t be a question. Fitzmagic will be there to call on in relief if he falters but these are the most valuable reps of Tua’s young NFL career. 

Clayton: Tua because if you start Fitz and lose you gonna get roasted by the fans lol. If Tua sucks just put Fitzmagic in. 

Zach: I’d go with Tua because this is his team and he needs this experience but with that being said, I’d have him on a very short leash. It’s crunch time and face of the franchise or not, you have to give yourself the best chance of winning. 

Travis: So, to me here is what seems to be happening. Tua is having better showings in practice, but it is not translating well on game days. Well, besides the Chiefs game. I’m going to keep on starting Tua and if I feel at any point that he can’t get the job done I’m pulling Fitz-God back under center at any given point. This defense is legit, but in my personal opinion this team is just one year too early. 

Mike: Tua for sure! Let the kid do his thing, you drafted him for a reason!

Richard: It’s a no brainer for me. Im starting the man, the myth, the fucking legend Fitzmagic. This is a must-win scenario and Fitz has shown he is not afraid to chuck up a 50/50 ball. Tua needs more experience before he can be trusted with a must-win game. 

  1. Who will be the 2020 MVP?

Joey: It's Aaron Rodgers. Point blank.

Jordan: Aaron Rodgers, and I hate it. I think Josh Allen is a true dark horse though. 

Clayton: I think it should be Josh Allen/Aaron Rodgers. 

Zach: As much as I can’t stand the guy, it’s Aaron Rodgers. 

Travis: Aaron Rodgers has it on lock. GG and game over( that’s for all you TSG fans out there). He showed out last week and there is no way that Patrick Mahomes overtakes him at this point; especially since they are resting him for Sunday’s game will not help his case.

Mike: It should be Josh Allen I feel, the kids balling!

Richard: I have Rodgers for 2020 MVP. Without him, Green Bay would not be sitting at 12-3. Josh allen would be my #2.

  1. What is your upset of the week?

Joey: Miami Dolphins over Buffalo Bills. There is a lot of speed on the Dolphins D. 

Jordan: Philadelphia over Washington to give Dallas the NFC East.

Clayton: 3. I’ll take the Dolphins over the Bills, I like spicy. 

Zach: Give me Houston over Tennessee. 

Travis: New York Jets stay hot and defeat the New England Patriots, because why not. NYJ 17-NE 7

Mike: Eagles and Hurts is taking out Washington.

Richard: The Dolphins beating the Bills will be my upset of the week. If the Dolphins can hold the Bills under 21 points they can win the game, problem is that the Bills average 34.6 Pts in their last 5 games. The Dolphins have allowed an average of 16pts the last 5 games. 

  1. DPOY?

Joey: Pressure disrupts everything, so I'd vote TJ Watt. But Xavien Howard and his 9 interceptions is also very impressive. 

Jordan: There will be a lot of love for TJ Watt but there isn’t a defensive player alive who impacts the game more than Aaron Donald. 

Clayton: TJ Watt

Zach: TJ Watt with JC Jackson as an honorable mention. He got snubbed from the virtual Pro Bowl, I have to give my boy some love! 

Travis: TJ Watt and I don’t think it’s all that close. 

Mike: Devin White is who comes to mind as an idp player as that dudes been KILLING it!

Richard: TJ Watt. Being a huge NFC East guy, DROTY goes to Chase Young. As a rookie this kid has been double teamed as much as the NFL’s premier rushers (23% of snaps) and STILL managed to put up impressive numbers. 

  1. Who is your first overall pick in 2021 drafts?

Joey: Too early, but i'll say Alvin Kamara. Let's see if Brees retires, which QB replaces him. If it's Taysom Hill, this answer changes.

Jordan: This will be the first time I really am not sure who should go first off of the board. If it’s my pick I’m rolling with my boy Dalvin Cook. 

Clayton: It’s still CMC for me. 

Zach: CMC but Cook and Kamara are very close behind. 

Travis: Who is your first overall pick in 2021 drafts? I think Alvin Kamara showed us he deserves consideration and I do believe he could be the consensus pick. Personally, I’m most likely to select Dalvin Cook.

Mike: I mean CMC still has to be in the convo cause whenever he touched the field he showed why he was drafted there otherwise it’s Kamara for me. 

Richard: If the draft were tomorrow, I would pick up Alvin Kamara with the first pick. This year I learned that consistency and availability triumphs over the "juicy" picks like Saquon Barkley.

That’s it for this week guys. We will see you Sunday with our Start/Sit. As always, stay true.

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