TSF Round Table

TSF Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by a very special guest Mr. Gino Benatti! The divisional round of the NFL playoffs is upon us and we're here to answer some of the burning questions for this week of postseason action. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

Divisional Round questions

  1. What are your Divisional Round picks? 


Bills over Ravens

Chiefs over Browns

Bucs over Saints 

Rams over Packers



Kansas City 

Tampa Bay 

Green Bay 


I really want to see the Browns win and I love an underdawg so I’m just gonna be superBOWLD and say Browns beat Chiefs, Packers suck in the playoffs if they have a bye so I’m going Rams. I gotta say Josh Allen is taking down the Ravens just cause that offense is KILLING it! I’m gonna say the Saints beat Tampa cause I think Brees is the goat not Brady!







Packers, Ravens, Chiefs & Bucs. 

  1. Does Houston have a problem? Do you think Watson will end up getting traded and if so, to who?

Jordan: I think Houston calms him down this offseason. If they stumble out of the gate though I think it will be inevitable. 

Zach: I think they’ll work things out but if not my Pats have dibs! Hello old friend Nick Caserio!

Pynakker: I think Houston is having a serious moral problem over there. I don’t think Watson goes anywhere but if he does his price tag should be huge!

Jeremiah: I think Watson will be traded at some point over the next two seasons, I think the top landing spots would be New England, New Orleans and Washington.

Gino: Houston is the sports mecca for star players wanting to leave. It looks like Watson has several issues with ownership on and off the field. The way former GM/Obrien gutted the team of draft capital and star talent in trades that wouldn’t even fly in Madden but social injustice and racial remarks by owner Bob McNair in 2017 and his family after taking over after his passing. I can see Watson getting shipped out to Washington or Detroit (both aren’t very luxurious hot routes). 

  1. Biggest surprise of wildcard weekend?

Jordan: Browns will be the trendy pick but Taylor Heinecke played the game of his life.

Zach: It’s hard not to say the Browns stunning performance but I’m gonna say Seattle’s struggles. I know the Rams Defense is great but you gotta play better than that in the playoffs! 

Pynakker: Browns going up by 28 points against the Steelers after like 1 quarter haha.

Jeremiah: Jared Goff coming off the bench and leading his team to victory less than two weeks after having surgery to repair his thumb on his throwing hand!

Gino: Practice. Practice. Practice. Due to Covid protocols the Cleveland Browns had one practice this past week with no head coach. Prior to the game they had to start a replacement left guard, who never played in an NFL game before. With one practice. Guess who got hurt during the game? Well, why not replace him with another player who never played a NFL game. All of this, and they still knocked a already on the standing-eight count Steelers out of the ring. 

  1. Big Ben and Phillip Rivers are both eliminated from the playoffs. Will we see them continue their Hall of Fame careers in 2021, or was that it?

Jordan: I think they both should hang it up but I think Old Man Rivers will run it back. 

Zach: They both should hang up their cleats but I don’t think that will happen. I don’t think Roethlisberger is going out like that. I can see Rivers calling it a career and spending time with his home grown football team/family. 

Pynakker: I really hate to see Rivers go without a ring but I think he’s calling it. Big Ben needs to retire cause he is just not even close to what he used to be!

Jeremiah: I definitely see Roethlisberger playing next season. I think Rivers will test free agency and see if he can get a starting job, and if not he’ll probably retire.

Gino: I think it all depends on if Rivers wife signs her franchise tender for another baby. Seriously, shut down the factory. I think Rivers played well enough to earn another 1-year deal with Indy or for another contender (New England?) but I feel that the stall for Big Ben’s career is finally closed. 

  1. Updated Super Bowl picks and why?

Jordan: Still the Bucs and the Chiefs.

Zach: I’m sticking with NO vs KC. 

Pynakker: Bills and Saints. Bills are on a hot streak and if the Browns can sneak the win over the Chiefs the Bills should still be able to beat the Browns after two crazy upsets haha and I think the Saints can beat the Rams. 

Jeremiah: Green Bay vs Baltimore. If Baltimore’s Defense can continue to play as good as they have recently than I think they can take the AFC.

Gino: Chiefs Vs. Packers:  The Chiefs are just too much on all aspects of the field where they can put up points, fast from Special Teams to Defense to their all=world Offense. I also feel that Green Bay has playmakers on both sides (7 Pro Bowlers total) that are difference makers with QB/WR/RB key components to control the game despite any opponent or element. 

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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