TSF Round Table Week 2

TSF Round Table Week 2

What's up everybody? Welcome back to the Truth Serum Round Table. This week we will cover what happened in Week 2 as well as predict a few things for Week 3 and beyond. Our guests this week are a few of TSF's most loyal: 

Jason Parker, Bobby Swan, Richard Mikhaylov, and Captain Kirk Davenport!  


  • For the first time since 2011 the Jaguars, Jets, and Lions all won on the same day. Which of these three teams has the best chance to put together a winning season? 

  • Richard: Without injuries, this would easily be the Jets. But I think the Lions have the best shot out of the 3 to put together a winning record. With weapons like Swift and Amon-Ra on offense complemented by a decent o-line and a developing defense with Hutchinson and Okudah I think they beat out the other two teams mentioned.  

    Kirk: Realistically, the Jags… they have the most favorable strength of schedule and the defense has played well the first two games, but with the Chargers and Eagles coming up we can confirm this theory. BUT CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT TO APPRECIATE THE LIONS! If the defense can compete, watch out because this offense is LOADED.

    Jason: I think the Lions have the best chance of putting together a winning season. Their offense is firing on all cylinders to begin the year and they have a plethora of talent. The defense is still a work in progress, but their first round pick they invested so much in appears to be the real deal. If the defense can be a little more cohesive, this team has a chance to be over .500 come playoff time. 

    Bobby: As much as it pains me to say this, the answer is the Lions.  For the last few years they have been building the right way from the ground up.  I thought they were a year away from being a contender but Goff has been looking the part as of late. They will be a tough out for any team this year. 

    Jordan: I think the Jets are really building something but also believe they are a year away from making any legitimate noise. I think the Lions are primed for a winning season and think the Jaguars will be knocking on the door, but will fall just short.


  • How worried are you about Kyle Pitts after a second dud to start the season?

  • Richard: I drafted Kyle Pitts last season and didn’t even consider him this year. His snap count is consistent with last year. I can see him having 2-4 high production fantasy outputs this season.  Not a fan. 

    Kirk: I am not ready to hit the panic button yet, but with a mobile Mariota and Drake London getting the majority of the targets, the button is blinking. Let’s give it a few more weeks before the panic becomes real.

    Jason: I am not worried about Kyle Pitts at all. The usage to begin the season is definitely concerning, but I believe he will turn it around. Drake London is still getting his feet wet at the pro level and defenses haven’t given him the appropriate amount of attention in their schemes. As he continues to flourish, they will have to add more bodies on him, which in turn, will open things up for Pitts.

    Bobby: On a scale for 1 to 10 I’d say a 3. The man is extremely talented and we all know tight ends take time to develop.  Drake London is the real deal and will definitely eat into Kyle’s production.  In redraft he’s a hold, there will be better days.  In dynasty he’s a buy low.

    Jordan: I am not worried, not even a little bit. The team has a new Quarterback and a shiny new WR1 this season. It’ll take time for the entire offense to get acclimated with one another and London is only going to continue to improve. As London improves, teams will be forced to pay more attention to him with their defensive game planning which will just open up things for Pitts. My best advice is find those managers that are panicking and help ease their burden by buying Pitts at a discounted price from them.


  • Cooper Rush stepped in for Dak Prescott and led the Cowboys to victory over Cincinnati. Can he keep the boys in contention long enough for Dak to get back?

  • Richard: Cooper Rush is going to get absolutely crushed week 3. The Giant's defense has held opposing quarterbacks to a measly 54.8% completion rate (1st in the NFL), and only allowed a conversion on 21.7% of 3rd downs (1st in the NFL). This is all without their prized pass rushers Azeez Ojulari and Kayvon Thibodeaux. The duo should be making their debut Monday night and with Wink Martindale calling plays on defense, boy I'd hate to be Cooper Rush. 


    Kirk: Maybe, if Dak can make it back for the Rams or Eagles which leaves Rush facing the Giants and Commanders both of which are winnable games. 

    Jason: The short answer is yes. Dak is expected back in week 5 or 6, so all Cooper Rush needs to do is be a game manager and not turn the ball over or make agregious mistakes on offense.   The Cowboys have the Giants, Commanders, and Rams the next 3 weeks. They will not win all of those games but I do believe Cooper Rush has the ability to keep all of those games close. 

    Bobby: Cooper Rush will not be the reason the cowboy stay in contention if they are able too.  Zeke, Tony Pollard, Ceedee and Dallas defense will need to step up.  Hopefully they can get Dalton Schulz and Gallup back healthy because they could help keep the cowboys a float. Rush is a backup for a reason and the schedule for next 5 weeks look extremely tough. 

    Jordan: Ugh. Yes. I think this will happen for no other reason than Dallas just can’t accept anything but mediocrity. The next two games are very winnable, and assuming they take an L against the Rams, Dak could come back in with the team sitting at 3-2. It won’t be pretty and it won’t be fun, but the Boys will be the Boys and somehow find a way to hover around the .500 mark the rest of the way. 




  • Tua outscored Lamar on Sunday and tossed a team record 6 TD passes. Can the Dolphins take control of the division this week against the Bills?

  • Richard: As a Miami resident I would LOVE to see the Bills go down this week, but am tempering my expectations. Both teams have some key players that did not participate in practice due to injury such as Terron Armstead and Xavian Howard for the Dolphins.  Mican Hyde and Gabe Davis for the Bills. This Bills defense has only allowed 17 points all season and currently boast the #1 offence in the NFL with 72 points. I don’t see the Dolphins taking home the win this week. 


    Kirk: Not a chance, the Bills are in my opinion the team to beat this year. The defense has allowed 17 points, they have 9 sacks, 5 interceptions, a defensive TD and allowed 430 yards total, ALL IN ONLY 2 GAMES. However, if the Bills get up fast and early I could see Tua throwing another 50 passes and well in the NFL the Cheetah and Waddle do kill.

    Jason: As exciting as that game against the Ravens was, I do not believe the Dolphins will win against the Bills this week. Tua and the offense played out of their minds in the second half of that game. The problem is, a lot of those big time scoring drives were due to lapse in coverage or broken plays. The Bills are a much more sound defensive unit so I don’t believe Tua and the rest of the offense will be able to sling it all over the yard on them. The East still belongs to Buffalo for the foreseeable future.

    Bobby: I don’t see the Dolphins beating the Bills this week even though they play in Miami. The Bills have out scored their opponents 62-17 so far this year. Their offense is clicking on all cylinders and their defense has been stout.  I do believe the fins put up a good fight but still feel the bills win by at least 7 against the Dolphins. 

    Jordan: The Dolphins are riding the highest of highs right now. It was awesome watching Tua take that step last week and outduel Lamar Jackson. Josh Allen is a completely different animal though. The Dolphins have the weapons to keep it close, but I think the Bills D puts the clamps down and they add another team to the list of teams they have steamrolled this season.



  • Give me your upset of the week. 
  • Richard: As far as my upset of the week, I think the Colts beat the Chiefs. The Colts have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL and should be getting their star WR Pittman back this week. Expect a high scoring affair.  

    Kirk: Lions over the Vikes, if they can hold Jefferson

    Jets over the Bengals, the SuperBowl hangover is real and the 40 million dollar O-Line is a dumpster fire

    Jason: My upset of the week is Jets over Bengals. The Bengals are a mess right now, both offensively and defensively. The Jets are playing great ball with Flacco under center. The line is at -6 and I think the Jets not only cover, but pull off the victory at home.

    Bobby: Lions over the Vikings.  I’m staying consistent with my answer to question #1.  Divisional game and I feel the lions go into US Bank Stadium and take care of business.

    Jordan:  I don’t feel like it is really much of an upset but give me the Green Bay Packers in a showdown against Tom Brady’s Bucs. The Bucs were able to hang on and survive in weeks one and two but looked sloppy on offense. Green Bay will only continue to get better as the season progresses, and I think this will be a statement game for Aaron Rodgers and company.

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