Washington Football Team 7 Round Mock Draft

Washington Football Team 7 Round Mock Draft


Prefacing this mock a few assumptions

  1. QB. We retain Taylor Heinicke to a team friendly deal (2 yrs *8 M with 5 Guaranteed upon signing and incentives up to 12 M total). We also retain Kyle Allen. Alex Smith retires.

  1. CB. We retain Ronald Darby here to a AAV of about 10-12 M. Not a bad deal for both parties

  1. WR. I assume we go out and grab a decent option in FA. I’m going to play it more conservatively and suggest Marvin Jones here.

  1. TE. Logan Thomas remains our main guy at TE but we bring in another vet to provide depth (lets say Jonnu Smith for arguments sake). Reliable 2nd option type guy.

  1. OL. Scherff is retained. We move forward with Lucas, Schweitzer, Roullier, Scherff and Moses. Saadiq remains our best option as a swing interior however on the outside we still lack depth post FA.

Now for the picks

1st Rd 27th Pick: LB Zaven Collins Tulsa

I trade our 19th and a late round pick to Tampa for 27th and their 2nd. Alijah Vera Tucker fell to us, I was very tempted to grab him here as a plug and play guard however we don’t NEED him. Tampa does and they pay a premium to land an instant starter to bolster their only weak spot on the offensive line and continue to protect Brady whilst in this short championship window. 

Zaven Collins falling this far was a dream come true for me and to be honest I figured I’d be taking a WR here with Zaven gone. 6’4 260 lbs but plays with the speed of a 230lb linebacker. He’s explosive, a devasting hitter, plays with unbelievable instincts in the pass game and would provide Ron with his building block to build around. Bostic has been our single biggest weakness on the defense this season. Collins at 27 is BPA and biggest need imo.

2nd Rd 51st Pick: Weapon Kadarius Toney Florida

If you’re a fan of the Deebo Samuels, Mecole Hardmans of the league you’re going to love this guy. Toney is potentially the hardest man to tackle this year and it’s his incredible agility. He’s really improved his hands this season (not a single drop) and can be lined up all over the field to add another dynamic dimension to this offense. 

2nd Rd 59th Pick : RB Javonte Williams UNC

I can already hear it. A rUnNiNg BaCk?!?!?! Yes he’s that good and you can never have enough impact runners especially in our situation where we are going into the season with an unproven QB (regardless of who starts). Establishing the run will be crucial every week as we face the 1st place schedule next season. Javonte never goes down on first contact and has the vision to be a truly special runner. This pick gives us an incredibly potent and physical rushing attack and allows Gibson to stay fresh next season. Philip Davis is my go to for the breakdown on this guy.

3rd Rd 74th Pick : QB Kyle Trask Florida

Ah yes, the inevitable QB pick that everyone will hate or love. To start let me just acknowledge I’m well aware Trask could end up being a 1st or 2nd round pick. So assuming he’s gone go ahead and pencil in Davis Mills QB from Stanford here. I personally think Trask will be here so I went ahead and mocked it here.

Kyle Trask is tantalizing. He’s a one year wonder who struggled to get on the field behind Felipe Franks who is now a day 3 flier pick. It’s scary, it’s troubling, and quite frankly it's telling of how scheme specific Trask might be. Having said that he has size, good mobility, a good but not great arm and poise. He has things you cannot teach and the character and smarts to learn some of the things you can. I think he’s got tools to work with. Day 2 QBs are never perfect but I think with time he could be the answer at QB. At the very least this gives Ron the opportunity to bring in a rookie to work with.

3rd Rd 82nd Pick : OT Rasheed Walker Penn State

Okay okay fine, I’ll take an offensive lineman. So this year we had Lucas and Schweitzer completely shock us with how well they played and I feel confident in them moving forward but you can never have too many linemen. Saadiq imo should be a reliable swing guard next season, Ishmael should be able to fill in if Roullier goes down but behind our tackles we have Geron Christian (meh) and David Sharpe (gross). Rasheed Walker has all the tools to be a dominant tackle at the next level. His hands are excellent and his size is tantalizing. My big concern with him is he often didn’t move guys off the LOS once he had control of them but that could simply be a product of him focusing on opening the lanes and/or coaching. Christian Hosaflook is my go to guy when I need a lineman scouted so I’ll leave this to him. 

4th Rd 115th Pick : CB Paulson Adebo Stanford

Paulson Adebo is a dude. Plain and simple. 6’1 190lbs and imo very limited to the outside (not an issue for me personally) but he has the upside to be an NFL starter. He has extremely fluid hips and attacks the ball at the point with the best of them. Very polished coming out of Stanford. Here’s my thought. Darby is our best CB. Fuller struggled to diagnose double moves and I think he’s best served moving to safety next year. It would allow us to keep Landon at SS rotate in guys like Deshazor and Reeves and would let us keep Curl at Buffalo Back near the LOS where he’s played at a pro bowl level. Moving Fuller to FS means Moreland will need to be at starting level on the outside but I love the idea of letting Paulson battle for that CB2 spot with Moreland.

5th Rd 147th Pick : OT Daniel Faalele Minnesota

Soooo this is a pipe dream but let me have my moment. I love having Rasheed and acknowledge this isn’t the biggest need, however anytime you can add a 6’10 400lb athletic tackle you do it. Faalele is extremely raw having just started playing football a couple years ago (formerly a rugby player) but his tape is tantalizing. He’s huge, fast and mean as hell. If he falls this far just take him and develop him. He can be special (and arguably should be the pick where we take Rasheed Walker)

5th Rd 152nd Pick : SS Paris Ford Pittsburg

Paris is weird. He’s mocked all over the place but ultimately I see him as a day 3 guy for the simple fact that he hasn’t shown anything to suggest he’s a single high guy. He has the athleticism that suggests he could potentially become one but for now I see him as a Deshazor clone and potential difference maker on special teams. I’ll take that kinda player on day 3 any day.

6th Rd 192nd Pick : Nick Eubanks Michigan

I traded both our 7th rounders to grab this guy at the end of the 6th round because to me he has the athletic background to potentially be a mismatch creator at the next level. Stick him behind Logan and Jonnu and see if he becomes something. 


Thanks for for reading and as always, stay true. 



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