Week #12 Injury Report

Week #12 Injury Report

Hey everyone, we’re very fortunate to have our good friend from Fantasy Docs break down a few of the injuries for this week. We’ll continue this series each week so look out for it and be sure to check out his pages for lots of helpful and informative content! Thanks everyone and as always, stay true.


Hey everyone Dr Nithin Natwa MD here. I’m a fellowship trained sports medicine physician who’s a former B1G Team doc.

My end goal is increasing understanding in the general population on common sports injuries. I combine this with educated guessing on injury prediction based on video and players anticipated return timelines. If you enjoy that kind of stuff hit me with a follow on Instagram @fantasydocs and Twitter @NatwaMD Some of this information could be outdated by the time it’s published since these injury situations can be ever changing so check in on my socials for updates. To learn more about various injuries visit my blog at NatwaMD.com/blog


Myles Gaskin 


🚨High Risk of Sitting

Yea Gaskin is eligible to return this week but I think he’s out another week. Why?

MCL injuries are typically 1-2 week affairs (Chubb’s is not the norm) with the chance at 3-4 weeks. The fact that they rapidly put him on IR makes me think they knew it was a more significant grade 1 and would take at least 3 weeks.

I think he’s out another week with a shot at suiting up 13. Check out my video on MCL injuries for more info. 

UPDATE: Gaskin is at practice in a non contact jersey. Designated return from IR. We’ll see how the rest week goes

Kyler Murray 

Moderate risk of sitting

Kyler had an AC joint sprain which he played through Thursday. 2 things were encouraging and 1 wasn’t. It was to his throwing shoulder which wasn’t encouraging and he was clearly gunshy about running following the injury.

Why do I lean towards him playing? It was a Thursday injury which gives him additional time to recover and he’s already practicing. This shows that it wasn’t anything worse than a grade 1 and the pain is relatively under control (Grade 1 injuries are pure pain control issues)

I’d ride it out and if necessary plug a backup off the waivers Sunday, but I don’t see him missing more than 1 week. His rushing upside will likely be a little limited going forward but he’ll still be a strong QB1. Check out my IGTV video on AC sprains for more info.

UPDATE: Kyler should play and the absence from practice earlier in the week was precautionary.

Joe Mixon 

🚨Placed on IR with Burrow out for the season he’s likely out for the remainder of the fantasy season.


Listen this sucks and I’ll say I didn’t think Mixon would be out this long but with Burrow now out for the season with an ACL, I don’t see Mixon coming back this season.


He almost certainly sprained the lisfranc ligament which is the connection between the 1st/2nd metatarsal and the medial cuneiform. This is the most severe midfoot sprain and typically requires a long recovery course. It can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks non operatively and it seems like his is on the worse end. Prior to burrow being knocked out I thought they may bring him back for week 15 but I just don’t see that happening now.



Julio Jones 

🚨High risk of sitting

This is the 5th game out of 10 games that Julio has scored under 6 points in 0.5 PPR. 2 others he’s been a back end WR 1(14 points) 2 games a strong WR1 and 1 week he probably won you your matchup. Is that what you expected when you drafted him? Probably not.

Worst of all, he had a hamstring aggravation that he seemed to worsen by reentering the game late🤦🏽‍♂️. I get that he wants to play. Why aren’t they sitting him for 3-5 weeks and letting this thing recover fully?? It’s insanity to keep trying to play through a hamstring strain especially at 31.

If he plays and finishes a game he’ll give you wide receiver one numbers, but will he finish the game? I’ve been advocating trading him since week 3 for this very reason.

He may play this week ( I’d put it at 40%) but the sheer uncertainty of whether he’ll finish because of the easily aggravated nature of the injury is overwhelming. If this game happened in the playoffs it would likely cost you the W and like I mentioned before, it’s happened in 50% of the games this season.



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