Week #13 Injury Report

Week #13 Injury Report

Hey everyone, we’re very fortunate to have our good friend from Fantasy Docs break down a few of the injuries for this week. We’ll continue this series each week so look out for it and be sure to check out his pages for lots of helpful and informative content! Thanks everyone and as always, stay true.


Hey everyone Dr Nithin Natwa MD here. I’m a fellowship trained sports medicine physician who’s a former B1G Team doc.

My end goal is increasing understanding in the general population on common sports injuries. I combine this with educated guessing on injury prediction based on video and players anticipated return timelines. If you enjoy that kind of stuff hit me with a follow on Instagram @fantasydocs and Twitter @NatwaMD Some of this information could be outdated by the time it’s published since these injury situations can be ever changing so check in on my socials for updates. To learn more about various injuries visit my blog at NatwaMD.com/blog


Calvin Ridley

Ridley had a left ankle sprain, there are several factors that point to him not missing any significant time (ie fantasy playoffs).

1. He returned to the game.

2. It was the same leg as the midfoot sprain and the ATCs didn’t give him immediate attention. With it being close to the previous serious injury that held him out for a month, you would expect some urgent attention and holding him out for the game if there was any serious concerns.

3. They’ve had time to MRI him and definitively rule out any high ankle component and we haven’t heard anything yet. 

With the above info, I’d lean towards him playing this week and be confident he doesn’t miss any part of the fantasy playoffs due to this injury. I also wouldn’t be concerned if he misses Wednesday’s practice.

Josh Jacobs 

Low risk of sitting


So they’re calling it an ankle sprain so he has a good chance at playing this week and even if he does miss this week I don’t see him missing any of the fantasy playoff stretch due to this injury.


They did a MRI on him which is able to definitively rule out any high ankle involvement and any subtle fracture that may not have shown up on initial x-ray. It’s also telling that they didn’t mention any specific severe injury to the low ankle ligaments.

 The real issue with Jacobs to be honest, is game flow, but luckily aside from the Colts he has a fairly easy stretch for the rest of the season. Watching practices will be key this week but at least we can feel confident that this is a day to day issue and not a week to week issue.

 With there still being a slight risk of him missing this week and them playing the Jets, Booker should still be a priority pickup this week. 

Jacobs posted a picture in a high tide boot Monday. Not terribly uncommon in low ankle sprains for a couple days. I see him missing Wednesday’s and likely Thursday’s practice. Hopefully he returns Friday.

 That boot can also be used in high ankle sprains or foot/ankle fractures but I feel like they would have disclosed those injuries by now. 


 DJ Moore 


Moderate risk of sitting

That overthrown pass could have been much more costly for DJ Moore. He had a non contact injury where he landed on his left leg while extended and immediately buckled to the ground. The good thing is they labeled the injury on the RIGHT ankle.

All my concern was on the left based on video and if something happened to the right ankle based on that video it’s likely an ankle sprain. Assuming it’s a low ankle sprain, he should be back for the week after the bye. All in all better news than expected, hopefully

Dalvin Cook 

Low Risk of Sitting

Dalvin cook missed some time Sunday due to what was called an ankle issue. Just like Ridley it was reassuring that he returned following the injury. He’s not on a short week and as mentioned previously, low ankle sprains are able to be played through. I think he suits up this week (which has been mentioned by a few outlets) It sounds like they may limit his usage some, but he should still be a solid RB1.

 As we enter the playoff stretch it’s important to shore up your backs so if you have Cook and you don’t have Mattison, trade some of your depth and get Mattison if your league permits late trades.



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