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PATREON OF THE MONTH: September 2020


Clint "Clintorious BIG" Collins


1.) Favorite Team and Why? 

Cincinnati Bengals! Favorite player to watch when I was growing up was Chad Johnson. Loved the trash talk and celebrations

2.) Favorite Football Memory:

Well, being a lifelong Bengals fan there isn't too many cherishable moments from their franchise that come to mind so would have to say 2006 Rose Bowl or Super Bowl XLII. 

3.) How did you find TSF?

My buddy from fantasy football, Colt Martin, invited me to the group. 

4.) What do you like best about TSF?

That TSF is more of a family than anything and all of the hilarious shenanigans that happen every day in chats!

5.) Now that you've won POTM what will you do next?

Close some sit, maybe run for President, and clap some cheeks.  



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