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Geoff Beavers

Favorite team and why?

Atlanta Falcons. My step-dad got me into watching football when I was 16 and the he is a big Falcons fan. Been a hardcore Falcons fan ever since.


Favorite football memory?

My favorite football memory would have to be going to the last 3 games the Falcons played in the Georgia Dome during the 16-17 season. 38-32 win vs. Saints, 36-20 Divisional victory vs. the Seahawks, and the 44-21 NFC Conference Championship win vs. the Packers.


How did you find the truth?

I was scrolling through Facebook and came across the NFC South News, Discussions, and Fantasy group and joined up.


What do you like best about TSF?

Fantasy and memorabilia groups are dime a dozen, but TSF stands out because you really get to know the others in the group and develop friendships and a true sense of an extended family. This group is special for this reason. People that you have never met will help support you and build you up just out of the kindness of their hearts and for no other reason.  #TRUTHFAM #4LIFE


Now that you’ve won PotM, what will you do next?

I’m going to Disney World!! J/K I will continue to support and help grown the TSF brand!      




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